Kerns Law Group: Defending Your Rights When You Face Drug Charges

Have you been arrested for drugs? You’re not alone. More than 1.6 million people in the US are detained each year for drug possession and intent to sell. Of those, 1.3 million arrests are for possession only. If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, these charges are incredibly serious, and the consequences of failing to defend yourself from them can be dire and long-lasting.

Here at the Kerns Law Group, we’ve successfully defended thousands of people from drug charges. Whether you're facing a minor possession charge or a more serious federal drug charge, we have the experience and the resources to help you.

Why you shouldn’t ignore a drug charge

A drug conviction can land you in jail and put a permanent stain on your criminal record. The price of a conviction can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands in fines and other tacked-on fees.

Even if you avoid jail time and hefty fines, you’ll still have to deal with having a permanent criminal record. This can affect your lifetime ability to earn decent wages. If you have a professional license, you can lose it from a drug conviction. If you’re convicted of a felony drug charge, you can even lose your right to vote. For life.

Many states have legalized marijuana, but Kansas has not. Even if you legally purchase marijuana and its derivatives in another state, if you bring them back to Kansas, you can face drug charges.

Many people will put off consulting an attorney for a drug charge. This is a huge mistake. Reputable, experienced attorneys can work with law enforcement to have your charges dropped, dismissed, or greatly lessened, so you’re not paying for the crime for the rest of your life.