The Kerns Law Group: Defending You Against Fraud and White Collar Criminal Charges

When it comes to federal, white collar crimes, no one is charged with just one. If you’re facing fraud charges, you’re likely facing dozens of them. At the Kerns Law Group, we’ve had clients that have faced fifty or more fraud and other white-collar criminal charges at one time.

More charges mean higher stakes for you, even if you’re acquitted of all the charges but one. Here at the Kerns Law Group, we’re dedicated to keeping our clients out of prison and getting their fraud charges against them dropped, every last one of them.

Why are fraud charges often stacked?

The federal prosecution wants to increase their chances of “winning” a conviction. To do that, they will charge someone in a criminal investigation with numerous crimes, hoping at least one of the charges will stick. The more charges against you, the higher their chances of winning in court.

When it comes to federal sentencing guidelines, even charges that ultimately result in an acquittal are factored into how the judge hands down sentencing. That is if the prosecution can prove that the other counts against you were relevant conduct.

For defendants, there are only two ways to win in a federal courtroom:

  • You beat every single count of fraud or other white-collar crimes against you.
  • Or you negotiate a disposition that protects you from relevant conduct.

At the Kerns Law Group, our managing attorney Kurt Kerns is authorized to defend clients in federal court. He is also highly experienced at successfully defending his clients from federal charges, no matter how many a client faces at one time. Kurt can defend you against fraud charges related to:

  • Healthcare
  • Mail
  • Securities
  • Wire
  • Mortgage
  • Social Security
  • Bank Fraud

If you’re the unwitting target of a federal fraud investigation, it’s crucial that you remain quiet and hire a dedicated and experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. If you attempt to deny the charges against you, prosecutors can hit you with a 1001 charge for making false statements to a federal officer. The prosecution is that serious about federal crimes, and you’re seriousness needs to match theirs for you to win in court and restore your reputation.

When you contact the Kerns Law Group, we will give you a free, initial consultation that is 100% confidential. We’ll discuss your next steps and advise you on the best course of action. Our attorneys are committed to getting all of your charges dropped and keeping you out of prison. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.