Murder Charges? You Need a Lawyer Despite Your Innocence

Murder is one of the most serious charges that the government can bring against you. Numerous pieces of evidence and procedures can come into play, including DNA testing, crime scene investigations, forensic evidence, and an array of witness testimonies. Without experienced counsel at your side, you can lose your freedom, or even your life, if you’re convicted of murder in the state of Kansas.

At the Kerns Law Group, our managing attorney Kurt Kerns has helped his clients avoid murder convictions in over 80% of the cases he’s taken before a jury. If you’re charged with murder, you need an attorney with a proven record of top performance.

Why should you hire a Kerns Law Group attorney asap if you’re charged with murder?

Innocence doesn't matter. The police are there to investigate a crime and to bring charges against an individual for murder, not to prove or protect someone’s innocence. The prosecution wants a conviction, and they will pull every dirty trick they possibly can to get one.

A defense attorney is the only person who wants to keep you out of prison and get the murder charges against you dropped. It’s in your best interests to team up with someone who wants the same the outcome as you in a murder investigation.

Unfortunately, current supreme court law allows and even encourages, law enforcement to lie to you about the evidence they have on file. They do this in the hopes of getting you to confess or give some other incriminating statement that they can use against you. Trained detectives will interview you with the sole purpose of obtaining concessions that will damage your case. When accusations as serious as murder are brought against you, it is not at all inappropriate for you to request counsel before speaking to detectives or police.

If you’re accused of murder, then you’re in the fight for your life. Our experienced, dedicated attorneys will be right there by your side fighting for your innocence and freedom. When you contact us, getting the murder charges against you dropped will become our top priority. Managing attorney Kurt Kerns understands how serious the outcome of the case is for you, and he will be dedicated to seeing the charges dismissed.

Contact us today at the Kerns Law Group. We’re committed to defending your innocence. We’ll protect your rights and preserve your freedom.