International Crimes: Kerns Law Group Can Successfully Defend Against Overseas Convictions

There is hardly anything as terrifying as facing a criminal charge in a foreign country. The rights and protections you enjoy in the US don’t apply to overseas travel and the consequences of failing to obtain qualified legal counsel to protect you can be utterly devastating.
Facing an international criminal charge, or a criminal investigation in a foreign country is a whole different ball game than criminal defense in the US. Few US attorneys are authorized to defend American citizens overseas. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime by a foreign government, it’s crucial that you obtain counsel who is not only authorized to practice overseas but has the experience and reputation to back it up.

The Kerns Law Group is one of the leading criminal defense law firms with attorneys on staff who are authorized and experienced with defending overseas clients. Our managing attorney, Kurt Kerns, is one of only 26 US lawyers who is authorized to appear in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.


Kurt Kerns has successfully defended many clients overseas from a host of serious, and high-profile criminal charges.

  • A US law professor jailed in Rwanda for writing critical law reviews against the ruling regime in the country.
  • Vinko Martinovic before the International War Crime Tribunal in the Hague.
  • A lawyer accused before the ICTY in the Netherlands of misconduct.
  • A member of the defense team for Ratko Mladic at the Hague Tribunal.
  • Helped parents locate lost daughter in Mexico.
  • American citizen accused of drug charges in Kuwait.  Charges dropped.
  • American citizen accused of drug charges in Tokyo, Japan.  No charges formally filed.
  • Businessman accused of rape in Bahamas.
  • American citizen charged in Bogata, Columbia.

In a recent high-profile case, Kurt represented the defendant in the nation’s first case where the government was tasked with proving genocide. After traveling to eight different African countries to locate witnesses, he was able to have the charges against his client dropped. For his brave and dedicated work, Kurt Kerns received one of the Kansas Bar Association’s most prestigious awards, the “Courageous Attorney” award.

Why should you hire the Kerns Law Group to defend you from international criminal charges?

Defending a US citizen from a criminal charge in a foreign country requires an unmatched set of skills and experience in the practice of international criminal defense. Here at the Kerns Law Group, managing attorney Kurt Kerns is one of the leading criminal defense attorneys for international crimes. If you or a loved one are facing international charges, don’t hesitate to contact us today.