How the Kerns Law Group Can Defend You from Federal Drug Charges

States and local governments all have different sentencing guidelines for drug crimes. But if you’ve been charged with a federal drug violation, you could be facing an incredibly steep and harsh, mandatory sentence.

State governments typically allow offenders to undergo probation for a drug charge conviction. But that same drug charge in a federal jurisdiction can land you in prison for years if convicted. Are you facing federal drug charges? We can help.

How can the Kerns Law Group protect you?

At the Kerns Law Group, our team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys has successfully defended hundreds of clients from federal drug charges. Whether you’re charged with possession of an illegal drug or a prescription narcotic, we can get your charges lowered or even dropped.

What do you need to know about federal drug crimes and mandatory minimum sentences?

In state and local courts, judges can use their discretion when it comes to giving out a sentence. In federal court, judges are beholden to strict and immovable mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

For example, if you’re charged with federal possession of ten pounds of marijuana, none of the circumstances surrounding your case matter. If convicted, the judge is obligated to sentence you to a minimum of ten years in prison without the possibility of parole. If you’re charged with a federal drug crime, it’s critical that you contact an experienced attorney immediately.

Why should you hire Kerns Law Group to defend you in federal court?

Few attorneys have the experience necessary to win in a federal court. Our managing attorney Kurt Kerns has been authorized to defend clients in federal court since 1992. Kurt Kerns has successfully obtained acquittals for his clients ten times in a row, which is a stunning victory.

When you hire the Kerns Law Group to defend you from a federal drug charge, you can rest assured that the attorney assigned to your case has many years of experience successfully defending clients against federal drug charges. We can get your charges dropped or lowered so you can stay out of prison.

Call us today for a free consultation and we’ll protect your freedom.