Marijuana In Kansas – Understanding The “Colorado Problem”

Due to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the team at Kerns Law has started to see an increase in marijuana cases in Kansas often from people who have medical cards or purchased marijuana legally in Colorado.

We think it’s important to clear up the law regarding this matter – so we’ve put together this post to help you understand the legality of marijuana, both in Colorado and Kansas.

Yes, You Can Legally Smoke Marijuana In Colorado – But Colorado Law Is Not Kansas Law

Yes. Marijuana and related items are legal for recreational use in Colorado, even for out-of-state residents. You can walk into a dispensary and walk out with a bundle of legal products including marijuana, edibles, oils, and other such drugs.

But only in Colorado. Whether you’re a Kansas or Colorado resident – and regardless of whether or not you have a valid Colorado medical marijuana card – marijuana is illegal in Kansas.

If you come to Kansas with marijuana and are pulled over, for example, you can be booked for doing so – even if you purchased it legally in Colorado. Colorado law has absolutely no effect in our state. All marijuana is illegal – and it doesn't matter where you obtained it, or how.

“What Happens In Colorado Stays In Colorado” – Protect Yourself! 

If you travel to Colorado, and you decide you’d like to use marijuana products, you are completely within your rights to do so. But we’d recommend adopting the adage “What happens in Colorado stays in Colorado.”

The second you cross the Kansas border carrying marijuana products, you’re breaking the law – and police are looking for you, and could seize your marijuana, throw you in jail, and even take your car, in some cases, due to forfeiture laws related to drugs.

So by all means, enjoy yourself legally in Colorado. But do not attempt to come back to Kansas with any marijuana products, or you will be treated just like any other drug offender.

Get Help And Know Your Rights

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